21 november 2011

No Limits Coaster 'Eruptor!' - POV release

Since my No Limits coaster Eruptor! takes a while, and the progress is slow (I'm more k'nexing right now, instead of working on this coaster), I decided to release a POV of the whole ride. Actually, I lost all interests in this thing, supporting is horrible :(. Though I really want to finish it, because it is easily my smoothest coaster so far.
The logo for the ride

I got the idea from my coaster 'Forest Adventure', Mixed up with the Intamin Inverted Impulse coasters, a Vekoma Boomerang and Vulcano: The Blast coaster. I think it came out pretty well, with a great, compact layout.

The ride will be Vulcano-themed, with a full storyline in it. The ride includes a stunning backwards launch, vertical tower with twist, immelman plus (new element), helix and a second vertical tower, it has all a coaster needs.

The supports are not finished yet, nor is the scenery.

I hope you enjoy the vid!
Want more detailed information and/or pictures? Check the NLE-forum here

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